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Can you cook an egg in a bowl of oats?
1 min read

Can you cook an egg in a bowl of oats?

I ran an experiment to see if I could cook an egg in a bowl of cooked steel cut oats. The experiment was a failure.

I got everything as hot as I could. I warmed up the egg in hot water and even prepped the bowl by filling it with boiling water.

This is about a minute after cracking the egg into oats. As you can see, the egg did not cook.

After waiting a couple minutes and realizing the egg was not going to cook, I relented and stuck the whole thing in the microwave. Even then, the egg didnโ€™t cook very evenly. In this picture, the bottom of the yolk is solid and top of the yolk (and the whites) are still quite runny.

Why did I do this? To quell my curiosity.