Congratulations, Selena!
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Congratulations, Selena!

Selena got a job at One Media today. Congratulations!

Speaking of One Media: So, I’m playing around with this interesting interface on (flash required). At first I thought, “Wow this is so cool! What a great way to sync up the words with the pictures.”

Then I started thinking that it would have been a lot more accessible if they had just put all the pictures on the page with the words next to them, like this:

Click for full size image -- One Media garden design interface imagesWell, it turns out that to put those pictures top to bottom would take a page at least 770 pixels wide and 1035 pixels tall – and that’s without any branding or site navigation. Yipes!

…turns out that the “designy” solution is probably better in this case. What do you think?

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