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HCPI 2 - Paul McGroary
1 min read

HCPI 2 - Paul McGroary

(These are my notes from Paulโ€™s talk at the Intel HCPI 2 conference.)

Paul McGroary โ€“ Phillips Design
Experience Design in Context of Research and Development and Philips Design

Experience Design: People, Space & Enablers

I was interested to hear what Paul had to say, in part because I think Philips Design comes up with some truly thought provoking product ideas and also in part because the CHI-web community recently ripped apart the Phillips Design web site in this thread entitled, โ€œCandidate for worst web site of the yearโ€œ.

One of the questions Philips Design has been asking is: Can you sell experience?
Their nebula project resulted in a product designed to create an experience by projecting images on your bedroom ceiling. It sounds stupid, but it was actually pretty neat.

Paul said heโ€™d send you a book about the Philips Design โ€œNoahโ€™s Arcโ€ projects if you send him an e-mail.