Hi Movable Type Peeps!
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Hi Movable Type Peeps!

Yah! It turns out bradlauster.com is listed on the Movable Type homepage. Since not many people read this site, you’ve probably come from movabletype.org. Welcome!

As you can see, this is a very basic weblog based on the template that comes with Movable Type. I started hand-updating this site back in 2000 and later switched to Greymatter when it came out. I’ve never really used Blogger because I’ve always wanted a system that would run on the same box that served my site.

Since I’m on the subject of hosting (sort of), I should mention that Hurrah.com hosts my site. Hurrah’s admin, David Elkins, is a super nice guy and is great about supporting my needs. When I needed the HTML::Template and Image::Size Perl modules installed to run Movable Type, he had it done in about two minutes. If you’re looking for a host for your domain, I highly recommend Hurrah. Be sure to tell David I sent ya. Ok – no more shameless plugs, I promise!

The only real changes I’ve made to the templates are the link colors and the addition of that green header. I also pulled out the embedded stylesheets from each of templates and created a single linked stylesheet that I can update through Movable Type. I documented how to use Movable Type to manage your stylesheets on the Movable Type support forum.

I’ve also got another Movable Type ‘blog, that I built for my family, over at theCulvers.net. It’s basically the same design as this site and runs from the same installation of Movable Type.

Thanks for stopping by! Please leave a comment and a link to your site – it’ll be cool to find out who’s been here.