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Nathan Shedroff: the v-2 interview
1 min read

Nathan Shedroff: the v-2 interview

From back in 2002, Adam Greenfield interviews Nathan Shedroff [part 1, part 2].

I had high hopes that this interview would address the problem that there exists no general theory of or approach to Experience Design. Shedroff gets close to discussing it a couple times during the interview, but Greenfield keeps pulling him away with his Information Architecture obsession. Arrgh!

The extent of what Shedroff says about an approach to Experience Design is (imagine a lot of hand waving here), โ€œYou just consider the experience.โ€ Utterly unsatisfying.

Even if they had discussed it directly, I suspect it wouldnโ€™t have been very meaningful, simply because both Greenfield and Shedroff seemed much more concerned with other topics during the interview.