San Francisco Traffic Schools
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San Francisco Traffic Schools

Earlier this summer, I got a speeding ticket in Marin County and elected to take traffic school. The court gave me 60 days to complete the schooling. Of course, I waited until today (57 days) to look at the letter they sent me. It read:


Actually, the entire letter was written in capital letters, but that’s a gripe for another post.

Great. Apparently Marin county isn’t aware of this thing called the Internet. So, I searched Google for a list of approved traffic schools for California. Of the 25 schools that operate in San Francisco, a only five of them had websites and only two offered online booking. One of the numbers even connected me to an advertisement for a phone chat line instead of a traffic school (brilliant scam, by the way). Of course, you wouldn’t know this from the information provided by the DMV. They just give you a phone number and the (often ridiculous) names of the schools.

Of the two that offered booking online, only one offered a class within the timeframe that I needed. It made me happy that this school also had a simple, easy to understand website that didn’t require me to enter a credit card or any information that I thought was unnecessary to be able to make the reservation. (See my choice at the end of this post.)

So, in case you’re unlucky enough to get a ticket in one of the few counties in California that doesn’t accept certificates from internet traffic schools, here’s what I found when I called the traffic schools in San Francisco:

Great Comedians Traffic School

You can sell them your email address for $3 (they email a coupon to you)
No information about class times on the web

Pizza 4U – Great Comedians

No website

Improv, The Comedy Club Presents

Save $3 on all CA classroom registrations when you pre-pay by credit card. Promo code: CACLASS
Class times are available on the web

ASAP Traffic School

No Website

Fun N Cheap Traffic School

No Website

National Traffic Safety Institute

No information about class times on the web

Great Classes on Sat/Sun/Days/Eve

Announced the school as Pizza 4U when they answered
No website

Pacific Seminar Traffic Safety, Inc.

No website

Gay Community Traffic School

No website

Comedy School

No website

Lettuce Amuse U Comedy Traffic School

No website

The Smart Choice Traffic School

The number is an advertisement for a “talk line” (like a telephone chat room, I guess)

Great Traffic Safety Classes

No website

Cheap School

No answer (apparently, they’re that cheap!)

Comedy For Less Traffic School

No website

Academia De Trafico en Espanol

No website, but the operator did speak a little english, which was nice

SF Bay Driving & Traffic School

Spoke to Josh who was helpful

Sunset Traffic Academy

No website

A-Safe Way Driving School, Inc.

Nice, simple website…and you can sign up online!

Rosy Driving And Traffic School

No answer – went to voice mail

Days, Evenings, Weekends D.E.W.

No website – the operator, Megan, was nice

Nu Tech Driving & Traffic School

No answer – went to voice mail

Les Driving & Traffic School

No answer – went to voice mail

Speed Traffic School

No answer – no voice mail (rang for a couple minutes)

New Chinatown Traffic School

No answer – went to voice mail

The school I chose: A-Safe Way Driving and Traffic School

In addition to the nice things I mentioned above, it cracked me up that they list the instructor as the “legendary” Mr. Lee. I imagine this guy will be as into driving safety as my high-school driver’s ed instructor, Mr. Hanley, which should make for an entertaining afternoon. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Update: Mr. Lee was quite the character. I have a feeling that most of the stories he told were fabricated, but they were all entertaining. I found myself laughing at the ridiculousness of them quite often.

It’s also worth noting that Mr. Lee is quite religious. His personal philosophy is what I can only describe as a blend of Catholicism and Buddhism. If you have a problem with people relating everything back to the “word of god,” then A-Safe Way Driving and Traffic School may not be for you.

As a Bright, I don’t believe in god, but I didn’t have a problem with Mr. Lee’s style. He actually had an easy way about himself and I came away with a renewed appreciation for the things in life that really matter: friends, family, health, etc.

It's definitely not the perfect traffic school for everyone, but it was good enough to recommend.