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Service Idea: 3G Music Streaming
1 min read

Service Idea: 3G Music Streaming

While reading this post on Challis Hodge’s UXblog, this way-cool product idea popped into my head:

Stream music to your 3G phone!

Since there’s apparently bandwidth-a-plenty available on those over-invested in 3G networks, streaming music makes perfect sense, right?

Think of it, no longer would you be limited to the paltry 20 Gigabytes of tunes available to you via your iPod. And no, you wouldn’t listen to it on the handset speaker. The music would stream right to a little head-phone jack, to which you’d connect your favorite pair of headphones.

Extending the idea a bit: you’ve probably already got an always on internet connection with at least 128 kbps of upstream bandwidth. Maybe this could be a product you could buy for your home computer rather than a service provided by some RIAA ass-kissing corporation?

So, what do you think of my idea? Killer-app or not?